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Founded by 2 sisters, 2KG is a Korean scratch kitchen launched as an homage to their Umma, Chom “Sunny” Kaminski, and includes James Beard Award Winning Chef Allen Susser on their team, celebrating their family’s generation old recipes and bringing fresh and modern Bibimbap inspired bowls and Korean specialties to Miami.
2 Korean Girls holding the cutest dinner box
The 2 Korean Girls team
The launch of 2 Korean Girls signals the first concept of its kind in Miami, focusing on the delicious, nutritious and beloved Korean staple of rice with meat, vegetables, gochujang, and fried egg. This traditional dish of Bibimbap is perfect for foodies, plant-based lifestyles and gluten and paleo diets. In keeping with their culture’s eschewing of processed goods, everything coming from the 2 Korean Girls’ kitchen utilizes locally sourced and quality ingredients. 
Bimbap bowl with heart shaped egg

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