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Our goal is to provide a fresh, healthy, casual approach to the beloved dish of Korean Bibimbap and maintain the authenticity of our family’s generation old recipes. 

2 Korean Girls holding the cutest dinner box

We are 2 sisters who grew up in the biz and want to share just how delicious and fresh the Korean diet is. Korean food has always been health conscious and minimally processed, long before it was on trend. It’s so traditional in ways and so modern at the same time. Our commitment to sustainability can be seen in our menu, packaging, and message.

The 2 Korean Girls team

 Our Bibimbap (literally translated means, mixed rice) bowls are using locally sourced, premium ingredients, exposing our fans to the complex delights of Korean cuisine in a casual experience, making it perfect for on-the-go schedules, plant based lifestyles, and gluten & paleo diets.

Bimbap bowl with heart shaped egg

Fresher Than You

2 Korean Girls, LLC